Awesome sight - these books are amazing! I use them in my studio and I am so excited
that my students can now download them digitally!!

Karen Gross, R.M.T., and Singing Teacher, Hamilton 


"Superbly useful in preparing students for exams, or for just progressively working
on sight-reading skills. Most singers need work on their reading abilities, and
Joan's Books are the first material we turn to."

- Paul Mason, A.R.C.T., R.M.T., N.A.T.S. member, Singing Teacher, Toronto


"...made a big improvement on the sight singing of my examination students...
am finding the books very useful...it's handy having five grades all in one book."

- Cathy Wach-Dueck, A.R.C.T., N.A.T.S. member Singing Teacher, Winnipeg


"An accurate, efficient guideline for the sight singing section of vocal examinations."
-Tom Oliver, B. Mus.(Perf. Voice), R.M.T., N.A.T.S. member, Singing Teacher, Hamilton


"I am so grateful for your Sight Singing books! It really makes exam preparation so much
easier for the students. Thank You!"

- Tina Torlone, 
Mus.Bac., A.R.C.T., Member, College of Examiners, 
Royal Conservatory of Music and Music Development Program, Singing Teacher, Toronto


See for yourself why these books are being highly recommended!